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Are you a recording artist looking for customized music created specifically for your particular sound? KB Recording Group can bring your creative idea to life! Submit by filling out the submission form below to have your next song executively produced by Andrew Lane and our Billboard charting production team!

*Disclaimer*: There is no guarantee that you will be chosen to work with KB Recording Group simply because you submit to be considered. We reserve the right to work with artists of our choosing.

Additional Note: Please be aware that because of the countless amount of submissions we receive on a daily basis, it could take up to 30 days to receive a response from our team.


Under a production deal, KB Recording Group discovers new talent and helps groom and develop the artist in preparation for a major record label deal. The artist will gain access to KB Recording Group’s key relationships, resources and tools that will accelerate the artists’ career trajectory, including: Multi-Platinum record production, recording, mixing and mastering, physical distribution with major retail stores, digital distribution, digital media and music marketing, press and publicity, commercial FM radio campaigns, Billboard charting marketing campaigns, sync licensing pitches, music publishing services, Spotify playlist pitching, music video production and editing, TikTok Trend and Social Media marketing campaigns and more. KB Recording Group's affiliated entities can and will provide any service that is commonly provided by record labels, music publishers, and production studios under a production deal. Specific deal structures may vary depending on the artist's needs, however, all deals include in-house music production and distribution by KB Recording Group’s affiliated entities. Keep in mind that KB Recording Group does not work with just anyone, we only sign artists who are ready and willing to do what is necessary to build a successful career within the music industry. Production Deals are used to develop artists who are not already making a living off their music and are not the same as record deals that provide advances to the artist. If after consideration of your submission our team decides we see potential in you, we will reach out to make an offer, however, in return for KB Recording Group providing the services and resources necessary to eventually facilitate a major record label deal, you will be expected to provide funding and payment for the services provided. If you already have substantial traction in your career as a recording artist, and you are making a living off your music, you might be better suited for a record deal where KB Recording Group will provide you with an advance and funding for your project. If you do not meet the previously mentioned qualifications for a record deal, please do not waste your time submitting for one because you will not be considered, however, all artists who feel they have what it takes to build a successful career in the music industry are welcome to submit for consideration of a production deal





Andrew Lane is a pop-hip hop-R&B songwriter and record producer. He was born in San Diego, California. Lane has worked with artists such as Backstreet Boys and Irene Cara. As a producer and songwriter, Lane has received both gold and platinum accreditations for his work with R&B artists Speech, Keith Sweat, and Alsou. Lane also worked on the platinum-accredited records High School Musical, Miguellito, Hannah Montana, Disneymania 4, and Manny Fresh. Andrew moved back to Los Angeles In 2006, where he worked on the music for High School Musical andHannah Montana soundtracks. He produced, mixed, and programmed B5’s version of “Get Your Head in the Game” which sold over 4.7 million copies.Andrew discovered and produced the Clique Girls in 2007, who landed a record deal with Interscope Records. He has 11 songs featured in the film, "Bring It On (Fight to the Finish)". He has also worked with artists such as Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, Static (Rapper/Producer) and such companies as Cash Money Records, Japan Warner Music Group, Capitol Records, Warner ADA and Lost Coast Sound.Andrew has also developed many notable artists such as Becky G, Ross Lynch, Blake Michaels and is also responsible for developing social media stars like Carson Lueders, Jordyn Jones as well as many finalists on American Idol and The Voice. Throughout his career, Lane has partnered extensively with Universal Records, Warner Music, Sony, Disney, Interscope, Def Jam Records and Billboard, both within the United States and overseas. Andrew still partners with these companies today, while also assisting his artists in their own independent endeavors as well. Lane’s client list has sold over 40 million records globally, a number that is ever increasing.

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Kyle is a 29-year-old multi-business owner, 2x Billboard charting executive producer, songwriter, music producer and entertainment attorney. He is also a combat veteran who served just under four years in the United States Army with two separate deployments during his time in service. After his service he earned his Juris Doctorate with a focus in Entertainment law and is currently pursuing a Joint Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies in Business and Music Production. He also holds a Bachelors Degree in Entrainment Business and an Associates Degree in Recording Arts. Kyle serves on the Board of Directors of multiple privately held companies within the entertainment, music, construction, real estate and real estate development industries. Kyle is the Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of KB Recording Group and it's affiliated music publishing and production studio subsidiaries. While at KB Recording Group, Kyle has negotiated music publishing deals, sync agent/agencies deals, distribution deals with major record labels (including Sony Music Entertainment), signed/developed dozens of artist's careers and help produce and record hundreds of compositions & masters for an ever growing catalog of music. He is also Co-Founder, Co-Chairman & Co-Chief Executive Officer at Nfinity Studios Joint Venture, a Joint Venture between KB Recording Group and Drew Right Music. Drew Right Music is owned by Multi-Platinum Record Producer Andrew Lane who is a Grammy Voter, Daytime Emmy Judge and has both gold and platinum certified records that have collectively obtained over 50 million sales globally. Andrew & Kyle with the help of their respective companies founded Nfinity Studios Joint Venture to develop young artists and musicians using their expertise to help artists build profitable careers and eventually negotiate music publishing and record deals on their behalf. Kyle is also a Co-Founder, Partner, Board Member & Chief Compliance Officer at Marison Homes and their affiliated construction and real estate subsidiaries as well. Marison Homes and it's affiliated construction and real estate subsidiaries' Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Mark Rowson is a Real Estate builder & developer, Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Loan Officer & General Contractor who has held key divisional and regional President positions at major Real Estate Builder & Development companies such as KB Homes, Shea Homes, Richmond American Homes and Warmington Residential where he has built, developed and sold thousands of homes. Mark & Kyle founded Marison Homes and its affiliated real estate and construction arms together to build, develop, remodel and sell real estate throughout southern California.

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Tana is a 27-year-old recording artist, songwriter & music producer from the outskirts of San Francisco. She is a classically trained pianist and vocalist developed by industry experts Mary Drummond & Jetha Hoffman. Coming from a family of traditional business owners in real estate, it was a huge surprise to her family to see Tana write, compose, & produce full length projects by the age of 13. During High School, Tana attended Singing and Acting classes at the school of John Robert Powers. Through their school she was able to attend iPOP! (International Presentation of Performers) and won 5th place in the 13-17 age singing category out of 3500 other contestants at the age of 13. Tana has graduated with an Associates Of Science in Recording Arts, an Associates of Science in Music Production & a Bachelors of Science in Entertainment Business Management and she is currently attending graduate school where she is pursuing a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Music Business. She has worked hand in hand with industry experts such as Multi-Platinum Record Producer Andrew Lane, Grammy Award winning Audio Engineer Joel Numa & James Fahey. Tana currently writes, composes and produces music not only for herself as a recording artist, but for artists from all over the world in conjunction with her Production & Management Company and Music Publisher KB Recording Group. While Tana is the COO of KB Recording Group, she is also a full-time professional recording artist. Her debut album, 'Petals and Thorns,' which is distributed through KB Recording Group, was released in December of 2019. Her biggest accomplishments include: her music being placed in multiple short & feature length films, and working alongside James Lugo (Vocal Trainer for American Idol contestants). She owns and has released over 20+ compositions and masters that are currently being pitched for major TV, film and advertisement projects by Tana and KB Recording Group's sync licensing partners at companies, films and shows such as Netflix, CBS, Animal Kingdom, Teen Mom Family Reunion, Viacom, Basketball Wives, The Wilds, Station 19, Ralph Lauren & Nissan. 




Chris was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee where he spent the early part of his career developing his passion for music while working in nightclubs and bars as a DJ. While working throughout Nashville’s night scene, Chris established relationships with artists who he would help in a variety of ways including helping the artists book shows and serving as the recording engineer for the artists who would record out of his home studio and other professional recording studios throughout Nashville. In 2016, Chris made the move to the west coast and setup shop in Los Angeles, California. Within the first year in Los Angeles, he began to work with a group of super-producers and songwriters known as 1500 or Nothin’ where he would learn the art of crafting hit songs while he also picked up a night gig as a DJ throughout Long Beach. After working with 1500 or Nothin’ for four months, Chris established relationships that would put him in the position to work with Interscope Records, Drew Right Music, KB Recording Group and other professional recording studios across LA as a in house producer and recording engineer.

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