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Submit your music for a chance to become an Exclusive Artist of KB Recording Group and work hand in hand with our team of industry experts who will help develop your career as an artist and whether you're looking to eventually sign to major record label or just trying to learn how to make a living as an independent artist, KB Recording Group can take your career to the next level!

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With the help of our distribution deals with major record label distributors, their subsidiaries and their affiliates, KB Recording Group can get your music placed at the top of the Radio Airplay charts, distributed onto the shelves of your favorite retail stores, publicized on every corner of the internet, and land your record on the top of the Billboard Charts by leveraging these key relationships and resources.



Have your music executively produced by Multi-Platinum Record Producer Andrew Lane and or KB Recording Group's entire production team!

From songwriting to mixing and mastering and everything in-between, KB Recording Group covers all areas of the musical creation process!