*Disclaimer*: There is no guarantee that you will be chosen as an Exclusive Artist simply because you submit to be considered. We reserve the right to work with artists of our choosing, but are always continually looking to sign new talent.

Additional Note: Please be aware that because of the countless amount of submissions we receive on a daily basis, it could take up to 30 days to receive a response from our team.

The purpose of a Production Deal is to get shopped and eventually sign to a major record label deal or in some instances, where the artist wishes to remain independent, the purpose is to development the artist to the point where they can make a living off their music as an independent artist. In a Production Deal, the production company discovers, grooms, and records the artist, and then potentially enters into a recording agreement with a label on the artist's behalf. The production company receives a royalty rate for sales, which it splits with the artist 50/50. The Production Deal includes original song production as well as marketing/promotion and publicity needed to establish an artist's brand and to promote their projects released under the Production Deal. Specific deals may vary depending on the structure of the deal that is determined by the artist's needs, but our Production Deals may include original song production complete with music production, recording, mixing and mastering, artist development consulting, digital distribution, digital media & music marketing, Spotify playlist submissions, press releases & publicity, physical distribution with major retail stores, commercial FM radio campaigns, Billboard charting marketing campaigns, sync licensing pitches, music publishing services, vocal lessons, cover song productions, music video production & editing & TikTok Trend campaigns. If an artist cannot travel to Hollywood to record with our team, we also offer Production Deals without recording that allows the artist to record their vocals in their local community while our team handles the rest of the music creation process & the marketing/promotion & publicity for the artist's brand & projects. The Production Deal will be vastly different depending on how quickly the artist would like to accomplish their goals, & the amount of songs & specific label services that they'd like to include, but we provide payment options for artists on any budget & we are open to considering artists from all backgrounds, however, keep in mind that we do not work with just anyone. We only sign artists who are ready and willing to do what is necessary to build a successful career within the music industry.

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