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The purpose of a Production Deal is to get shopped and eventually sign to a major record label. In a Production Deal, the production company discovers, grooms, and records the artist, and then potentially enters into a recording agreement with a label on the artist's behalf. The production company receives a royalty rate for sales, which it splits with the artist 50/50. Our Production Deals include original song production complete with music production, recording, mixing and mastering, artist management, digital distribution with Sony Music Entertainment and physical distribution as well. Depending on your goals, the length and amount of songs that are included in your Production Deal & Artist Development Contract will be vastly different, but we provide payment options for artists on any budget.

*Disclaimer*: There is no guarantee that you will be chosen as an Exclusive Artist simply because you submit to be considered. We reserve the right to work with artists of our choosing, but are always continually looking to sign new talent.

Additional Note: Please be aware that because of the countless amount of submissions we receive on a daily basis, it could take up to 30 days to receive a response from our team.

Production & Artist Development Deal with

Multi-Platinum Record Producer Andrew Lane

Production & Artist Development Deal with

KB Recording Group

Andrew is a Multi-Platinum record producer who has worked with a variety of major label artists such as The Backstreet Boys, Keith Sweat, Kelly Rowland, Becky G and Julia Michaels. His bigger projects include writing music for large feature films and television shows such as Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Bring It On. Andrew is also a Grammy Voter and Day-time Emmy judge who has partnered with Disney, Nickelodeon, Universal Records, DefJam Records, Sony and has sold of 50 millions records worldwide!

KB Recording Group's team consist of a classically trained pianist, vocalist, songwriter and music producer Tana Rose, who has worked under and trained under industry professionals such as Multi-Platinum Record Producer Andrew Lane, Symphony Orchestra Pianist Jetha Hoffman, Lead Singer & Pianist of Ambrosia Mary Drummond, American Idol Vocal Coach James Lugo, and Grammy Awarding-Winning Audio Engineer Joel Numa. Tana also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Entertainment Business, an Associate's Degree in Music Production and an Associate's in Audio Engineering. The team also includes Kyle Burkett, who is a Juris Doctorate Candidate with a concentration in Entertainment Law, a Certified Digital Media Marketing Expert, a Pro Tools Certified Audio Engineer, as well as an Executive Producer and Songwriter. He already holds a Bachelor's Degree in Entertainment Business, an Associate's Degree in Audio Engineering, and is currently working towards his JD with a concentration in Entertainment Law. The final member of the team is Nigel Van Buskirk, who has earned his Master's Degree and his Bachelor's Degree in Audio Engineering and Music Production as well as worked in multiple local recording studios throughout Hollywood.

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